20 Ogos 2013

Can Zairil Win The DAP’s CEC Election?

Zairil Khir Johari won because of a recount in the recent CEC election that was held in January and it is considered as a “miracle” by the party former leader, Tunku Aziz. Zairil at first only has 305 votes, but after the recount was made, his name was announced as a winner as he miraculously got 803 votes. The results put him in the 20th seat where he can be appointed as the central committee members of the party.

The recount was made after the party was stated that they have been wrongly calculated in the early election 2 weeks before.

The rakyat sees DAP’s excuse to recount the votes as a way to cover up the racist characteristic of the party when there are no Malay representative was elected even though there are a few Malays in the party who had been in the DAP for so long. DAP are willing to manipulate their own party votes just so that Zairil can secure a post in the CEC.

The action however, shows that the DAP is full of trick and lies, and it also proves that the DAP is a genuine racist party. This is because, Zairil who has been promoted as a representative of the Malay race is actually 100% Chinese, and he relies on his step father’s name Tan Sri Khir Johari name to proves that he is indeed a Malay.

Malaysians were shocked to see how chronic is DAP’s racial hatred as they do not want to appoint a Malay to the post, and they are ever so willing to appoint a Chinese to represent the Malay community.

DAP racist character is now being test once more when the ROS is ordering the party to held another election after their past election has elements that proves they are not fair and manipulate their votes that is seen clearly in the last election.

Zairil’s position now is being watched by a lot of people. Malaysians are closely monitoring the DAP to ensure that they are truly transparent, and at the same time looking for signs of racial discrimination. In the next CEC election, will Zairil be oust out of the CEC or his position will be stronger?

It is hard for the rakyat to be confident with the new DAP party election will be done in a transparent and just manner. This is because the DAP has never taken any action or admitting that they manipulate the votes that has resulted in the order of the ROS to held another election.

The fact of the matter remains, they have to be responsible as they were the one who mede the 753 representative to be excluded from their right to vote and they have to come clean to the public for they were the ones who pulled of a badly planed election fraud. It is possible that this time, all of the trick will be done once again.

Thus, what is the guarantee from the DAP that they will not manipulate their votes again to safe Zairil and to restore their credibility in the eyes of the people of Malaysia?

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