06 September 2013

DAP Splitting Up Because Of Triads.

The Nanyang Siang Pau newspaper yesterday made a statement against Chinese triads with an article titled “Control and Destroy Chinese Triads”. We all know that Nanyang Siang Pau like any other Chinese newspaper are chauvinist in nature and loves to attack the government with all sort of stories. Because of that there are usually opposition supporters and clearly carries DAP’s agenda.

Without any good word for our police who are currently risking their lives to hunt down these triads, the newspapers ask the people to take this issue seriously. Their stand on this particular article is quite confusing with opposition stand that clearly supports the activities of Malaysian Chinese triads.

Up till today, the opposition are no longer able to deny that they are protecting these triads when a more than a few DAP leaders openly criticize the police for taking action against these criminals even though the police only acts in self-defence.

The situation got even weirder for the opposition when there are news that an ex-convict who is also a triad leader was appointed as a DAP low rank leader in Pulau Pinang. It was reported that the police caught the man in Thailand before being charged and sentenced in Malaysia.

This particular development shows that amongst their leaders and members, the DAP are getting restless by the minute. This restlessness can be detected in Nanyang Siang Pau where it said that “What shocked us the most is that, in the triad the Indian community proves to be much more superior to the Chinese”.

Because the triads are commonly associated with the Chinese, thus it is no surprise that Nanyang SiangPau thinks the triads is being championed by the Chinese.

Even if the DAP is denying all allegation made against them, Malaysian as a whole feels that the DAP are associated with gangster. The rising number of illicit businesses such as brothels, entertainment centre and gambling dens after the Pakatan Rakyat succeeded in taking over Selangor, it shows that DAP are closely connected with gangsters.

However, when it was expose that Indians were the one who championed many of the triads, it may be hard for the DAP to control them.

It seems like as a DAP strategy to free triad members by pushing the government to abolish the prevention act has taken a new turn against their original plan. It is not a surprise if Nanyang Siang Pau seems to voice the opinion of the Chinese community against non-Chainese triads.

We realize that the DAP never did believe in other races in their own party. They are willing to lie, manipulate and use any other means to ensure that non-Chinese would not be elected as their central committees. Frankly speaking, the discrimination against the Chinese in the DAP has become some sort of written law, in order to bind the Chinese together.

Thus the existence of Indian triads which is more than the conventional Chinese triad is seen as a big problem by the DAP.

If before this DAP is so enthusiastic to attack of the government because of the ISA, now even the Nanyang Siang Pau too have voiced out the need for the crime prevention act 1959. It is also suggested that the government were to follow the footsteps of Operasi Helang Singapura (in Malaya) in the 1950’s and the 1960’ to oversee gangsters in this country.

It is now proven that the prevention act and internal security act is important to the peace and security of the country. It is proven that the opposition idea of destroying the act is not a good idea and will cause greatly for the people of this Country. .

Now the opposition have to “lick their own spit” as they are now asking that the prevention act to be reinforced back. Even if they have to change a lot of wording in the act and it have to contain the old clause that have been proven in curbing gangster’s activity and organized crime before this.

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